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Many people may not remember Conundrum Comics. But if they were quizzed, they would probably be able to remember some of the colorful characters that it produced; Achilles, Falstaff, Knight's Shadow, and who could forget the incomparable Dr. Zurga.

Conundrum Comics is back after nearly 20 years since it's last publication. The company has been reformed and will launching Kickstarter campaigns in order to generate revenue to fund new titles. In the first campaign, Conundrum will be offering vintage comics as well as a guide to Conundrum Comics and its characters.

The Story of Conundrum Comics Begins with Milton Foods

Milton Foods began with an invention that made ice cream production simple and cheap at a time when refrigeration was a luxury. Its inventor wasn't able to sell his machine, so he decided to go into business for himself. But it wasn’t until his son, and name sake of the company, Milton Langway took over that Milton Foods grew into the multi-national conglomerate that it is today.

Comic Strip to Comic Book

Milton Foods began printing comic strips on packaging in order to increase cookie sales before the turn of the century. In 1933, newspapers began reprinting Sunday comic strips in the form of comic books. Langway followed their lead and Conundrum Comics was born.

From Comic Stripe to Comic Book

********** SPOILER ALERT **********

Despite what the rest of our web site states, this is the real story of Conundrum Comics.

Conundrum Comics is fictional. At the beginning of this project, one of our major goals was to make characters that felt authentic. We soon realized that to make a character feel authentic, we needed the characters evolve over time just like the popular heroes of today. That is how Conundrum Comics was born.


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